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19 November 2012 @ 10:17 pm

... I won't bite, I promise =D

If you are here for my Dir en grey scans, feel free to have a look at kirinukinomori.

banner by fatal_complexes
24 May 2009 @ 08:03 pm
Hey there.

I'm selling a rare Dir en grey shirt, which was only sold on their OHP. Order deadline was December 2008, then only the ordered amount of shirts was produced, which means, it's now out of print.


This shirt is size M and still wrapped in foil, meaning: not worn but brand new.

Feel free to have a look over here on ebay ^^

09 March 2008 @ 09:23 pm
Talked to Doc on the phone. She's fine. I'm happy 8D

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime. ~Mark Twain

So true ^____^
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18 November 2007 @ 10:58 pm
Why is it that bands always tour in autumn/winter and never in summer ... Ôo ... just remembered that Dir en grey did. Ooops =D

A plan of the incredible week I've got ahead of me.

Monday: visit my friend to watch Dir en grey's Wacken live performance on Premiere

Wednesday: Queens Of The Stone Age, Große Freiheit/Hamburg (they so effin' ROCK!)

Thursday: Manowar, Fabrik/Hamburg, DVD release party, including a short live set by Manowar, the tickets are for free OO

Friday: "just" ice-hockey, while my honey goes to see Motörhead in Elmshorn, srsly, Elmshorn? couldn't be bothered to go, saw them twice before...

Saturday: Fair To Midland, somewhere in Berlin, ZOMGYAY!!! X33333 *can't wait for it*

August and November 2007 are/were two months that have be outstanding and I'll never forget the brilliant time I had. Why can't life always be like this? Easy. Because you wouldn't be able to cherish and appreciate those things as much as they deserve to be =)
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14 November 2007 @ 02:20 pm
I had hoped it wouldn't come to this but I srsly consider making my journal friends-locked. Lately a lot of people added me, which I don't mind at all, I love to get to know nice people =D. But these are people which I have never talked to, neither on LJ, nor in person Ôo

No one must already know me to add me, but once you did, I'd at least like to know why you added me. Or I expect that you kind of get in contact with me. But most don't. Therefore...

[edit: of course this isn't meant for those of you who are on my f-list already. I had my reasons for adding you to that list ;D]
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27 October 2007 @ 07:00 pm
Yesterday, seinen_no and oemmelchen came to visit me and my boyfriend. They came over at half past seven in the evening. They left at half past nine in the morning. That makes...

14 hours O_O

New record, whohoo XD. And the weirdest thing? It felt like two hours. We were having so much fun, playing "guitar hero" and "singstar" on the Playstation (I scored at guitar playing and failed at singing. seems my fandom rubs off on me X3333). We had Jägermeister, Strawberry Lime and beer, and after we killed all that, we emptied the rest of my Martini ("no Martini, no party!"). I will burn all evidence pictures that have been taken last night XP. Or post them here. We'll see XD.

For those of you who missed it: I have my own scans journal now. Go and have a look, if you like. It's called kirinukinomori

So: no need to friend me here just for the scans, ne? ^^
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29 September 2007 @ 02:01 am
I made a fanvid about Die and posted it to diru_nandemo

Feel free to have a look, if you like =B
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16 August 2007 @ 07:37 pm
Back home ^__^

Ah damnit, it's over now. I got a little post-tour-down (but just a little). I've been looking forward to these two weeks for so long now and now it's over. But fucking hell, what awesome two weeks these have been. I will keep the memory in my heart forever and ever.

I'm grateful to have met so many lovely people on the way. So I wanna say hi and thanks to: kuroi_sora, joyceandou, nightelf_moriel, sanghamyers, hiddenjayland, in_monochrome, mog_fuyu and deadly_deseases. You made this tour even better. Hope you all got home safely. See you again next year on tour XD.

As soon as I got some time, I'll add my reports of Hildesheim and München (damnit, it's München and not Munich XD). But I gotta go to work now. all I can say: Kaoru and Die last night in München, that was outstanding *loves them*. Oh, and if anybody has pics of Die's new tattoo: I WANNA SEE!!!!!! Please ^___^v

OMG, completely forgot O_O: Biggest thanks and hugs to seinen_no and oemmelchen. It was great *loves you* =D

[Edit]: From what I just heard it's no tattoo but something the Fair To Midland bassist scribbled on his arm. What a pity. I would have loved to see him get some nice tattoo 8D
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01 August 2007 @ 01:04 am
I'm saying baiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

Still can't believe, it's happening. In less than 20 hours, I'm gonna see them. It's my first time, so I'm more than excited, make that hysterical. No, wait. I'm not hysterical. I'm simply looking forward to it. Beyond words.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't run into some Al Qaida bombs in London (or at least not before the concert) *just kidding*

I'm gonna see some of you on tour, so when I'm back from London, I'll post a pic of me so you'll recognize me if we bump into each other x). planned to do that today, but Doc kept me busy XDDD

@ joyceandou and nightelf_moriel: wir müssen noch Handynummern austauschen ^^

@ scwolf_10k: I'll call you, promise. you won't be able to see them but at least you'll hear them <333

see you soon, my lovelies *hugs*
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15 July 2007 @ 10:31 pm
Just posted the rest of the Kyo icons to direngrey_fotos and diru_nandemo. Sooooooo many nice clips of Kyo ^___^v

And I just finished the first concert of the Despair DVD =(. I warned you that I would turn the entire DVD into one huuuuuuuuuuuge ani icon XDDD. Right now I finished making the screencaps, but I didn't turn all of them into icons yet. So, here are the Die icons I made so far (some of them in different versions, since I couldn't make up my mind which one looked better)...

Please credit if you use them and tell me what you think about them u_u

all beauty must DieCollapse )
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14 July 2007 @ 05:40 am
This is a little thank you for sweet kuroi_sora for being so generous with her scans.

All other Kyo fans and everyone else on my flist: feel free to have a look as well. If you like them, take them! It would be sweet of you, if you'd give me credit if you use them, because damn, it's really time-consuming to make these u_u. But it's fun v^________^v

Oh, and please let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Ugly?

animated Kyo iconsCollapse )

I've spent the night making animated icons. These are just the Kyo icons I've made, I also made tons of (absolutely adorable) Kaoru and Die icons which I'll be posting here soon (one of them you can see up there and I must say, I quite like it =3). Haha, I've made so many so far and I haven't even finished the first concert on the "Despair" DVD... I'll spam you with animated icons XDDD *needs to go to bed*
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12 July 2007 @ 07:56 pm
I'm going to tell you something about me, which will pretty much explain what I am like.

Last night, when I was working nighshift, I had an accident and fell down some stairs. In case you wonder: I'm okay, I just sprained my ankle. One moment I was walking up the stairs, next thing I remember is that I'm lying on the floor, my ankle hurting like hell and so I thought that I it was broken.

And here's the pathetic part: honestly, do you know what my first thought was? "Not now! The Dirus will come here soon... NOT NOW!!!"

Should I worry? *lmao*
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30 June 2007 @ 04:00 pm
Haven't been here for some time (was working nightshift all week long and in addition to that I turned into some bloody rp-addict x_x... how did that happen? *winks at Doc* X3) and now I come back here and what's the first thing I see? That Diru scan from the Kerrang magazine...

sheer gorgeousness under the cutCollapse )

Second thing: death_spoon posted some (some? tons!) amazing icons. What shocked me though was the fact that there were some pics I didn't know *gasp*. Fortunately she was so sweet to provide the originals as sendspace dl. I had a look at them and realized they're all from the Haiiro no ginka mags. Damn, those pics are really too small for my old eyes XDDDD

- - -

And last but not least, something hilarious (absolutely non-diru-related) happened to me. I found it extremely funny, I laughed until I cried XDDD

that was supposed to be some joke, right?Collapse )

Oh, and that's my new icon. I'm not content with the quality and will work on that... later XP
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25 June 2007 @ 04:45 pm
Hello my lovely flist ^_^

As you might have noticed, I scanned/posted the latest hng yesterday. If there are any pics which you'd like to get in bigger size (the quality won't improve, sorry), let me know and I'll give them to you XD

Here are some starters, feel free to take a look ^__^v

meisyodemeisyu for joyceCollapse )

Kaoru's birthday cake for sanghaCollapse )
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04 June 2007 @ 11:55 pm
Just got home. We've been to the Type O Negative concert in Hamburg tonight. I don't know if you ever heard of them, well, I like them. Anyways, the gig sucked... big time! I've seen them three times so far and they were always great but this time... ÒÓ

We left before the gig was over and it wouldn't surprise me if the audience had burned the hall down by now <_< Strange thing is: I'm still looking forward to see them at Wacken because I think, today was just a horrible exception and that they will be great again next time I see them. But today was a complete and utter waste of time and money X(
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