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Back home ^__^

Ah damnit, it's over now. I got a little post-tour-down (but just a little). I've been looking forward to these two weeks for so long now and now it's over. But fucking hell, what awesome two weeks these have been. I will keep the memory in my heart forever and ever.

I'm grateful to have met so many lovely people on the way. So I wanna say hi and thanks to: kuroi_sora, joyceandou, nightelf_moriel, sanghamyers, hiddenjayland, in_monochrome, mog_fuyu and deadly_deseases. You made this tour even better. Hope you all got home safely. See you again next year on tour XD.

As soon as I got some time, I'll add my reports of Hildesheim and München (damnit, it's München and not Munich XD). But I gotta go to work now. all I can say: Kaoru and Die last night in München, that was outstanding *loves them*. Oh, and if anybody has pics of Die's new tattoo: I WANNA SEE!!!!!! Please ^___^v

OMG, completely forgot O_O: Biggest thanks and hugs to seinen_no and oemmelchen. It was great *loves you* =D

[Edit]: From what I just heard it's no tattoo but something the Fair To Midland bassist scribbled on his arm. What a pity. I would have loved to see him get some nice tattoo 8D
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