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Yesterday, seinen_no and oemmelchen came to visit me and my boyfriend. They came over at half past seven in the evening. They left at half past nine in the morning. That makes...

14 hours O_O

New record, whohoo XD. And the weirdest thing? It felt like two hours. We were having so much fun, playing "guitar hero" and "singstar" on the Playstation (I scored at guitar playing and failed at singing. seems my fandom rubs off on me X3333). We had Jägermeister, Strawberry Lime and beer, and after we killed all that, we emptied the rest of my Martini ("no Martini, no party!"). I will burn all evidence pictures that have been taken last night XP. Or post them here. We'll see XD.

For those of you who missed it: I have my own scans journal now. Go and have a look, if you like. It's called kirinukinomori

So: no need to friend me here just for the scans, ne? ^^
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