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Why is it that bands always tour in autumn/winter and never in summer ... Ôo ... just remembered that Dir en grey did. Ooops =D

A plan of the incredible week I've got ahead of me.

Monday: visit my friend to watch Dir en grey's Wacken live performance on Premiere

Wednesday: Queens Of The Stone Age, Große Freiheit/Hamburg (they so effin' ROCK!)

Thursday: Manowar, Fabrik/Hamburg, DVD release party, including a short live set by Manowar, the tickets are for free OO

Friday: "just" ice-hockey, while my honey goes to see Motörhead in Elmshorn, srsly, Elmshorn? couldn't be bothered to go, saw them twice before...

Saturday: Fair To Midland, somewhere in Berlin, ZOMGYAY!!! X33333 *can't wait for it*

August and November 2007 are/were two months that have be outstanding and I'll never forget the brilliant time I had. Why can't life always be like this? Easy. Because you wouldn't be able to cherish and appreciate those things as much as they deserve to be =)
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