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Haven't been here for some time (was working nightshift all week long and in addition to that I turned into some bloody rp-addict x_x... how did that happen? *winks at Doc* X3) and now I come back here and what's the first thing I see? That Diru scan from the Kerrang magazine...

The scan is NOT mine, btw.

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Honestly, how the fuck do they do it? The older they get, the better they look. Kyo never looked so good in his entire life (and yes, I'm well aware of the fact that his hair is a blond version of Kaoru's, thank you XP). Even Shinya looks good in that pic. Die looks great and don't let me start talking about Kaoru, or I'll have to add an NC-17 warning to this post *feels like tackling him down and...*

One hell of a sexy band XDDDDD

- - -

Second thing: death_spoon posted some (some? tons!) amazing icons. What shocked me though was the fact that there were some pics I didn't know *gasp*. Fortunately she was so sweet to provide the originals as sendspace dl. I had a look at them and realized they're all from the Haiiro no ginka mags. Damn, those pics are really too small for my old eyes XDDDD

- - -

And last but not least, something hilarious (absolutely non-diru-related) happened to me. I found it extremely funny, I laughed until I cried XDDD

So, I ordered some stuff from EMP lately (for those who don't know: EMP is a mail order company for band shirts, clothes in generell, jewellery, posters, all that stuff for the average rock fan, you get the picture), mainly shirts.

Okay, let me put it nicely: I'm a big girl. Let's be honest: I'm fat. That's no fishing for compliments, that's a fact. Full stop ^_^. Which means that I ordered my shirts in comparatively large sizes. So far, so good.

I ordered quite a lot. As soon as you exceed a certain amount, they send you a free gift. Something they pick randomly. Most of the times these things are pretty useless, since that's their way to get rid of the slow sellers. But I would have loved to see my face as I unwrapped that free gift. You won't believe what I got from them:

a Walt Disney's Minnie Mouse g-string!!!! I almost died laughing. Have a look:

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It says it is size "L". I picked it up and said: "Yeah... right!"

Oh, and there's another one that came with it.

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Okay. Does anybody want to have that? Maybe someone I might meet at one of the Diru gigs next month *OMFG... next month*? Because I certainly won't wear that stupid thing XDDD. So, if you want it, tell me ^^

That's it for now *waves good-bye*. I'll watch the German version of Takeshi's castle right now. Oh and we went to the cinema yesterday and watched "Hot Fuzz" (brit. comedy about some cops, from the guys that made "Shaun of the dead" as well, it was so hilarious XDD).

Oh, and that's my new icon. I'm not content with the quality and will work on that... later XP
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